The Day the Thunderbird Cried is about heroes and villians, liberators and survivors. A must read for all who believe "those who can't remember the past are doomed to relive it."

"This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in WWII history. In my opinion, it should be a family keepsake for everyone who has a family member that served with the 45th Infantry Division. My father, a proud Thunderbird, wept when he read this long overdue book. He remarked how grateful he felt that someone was able to tell the story he could never talk about. I read the book to better understand my father and I have gained new insight as to what these great men endured during this horrific war."

Daughter of a Veteran of the 45th Infantry Division

Russel R. Weiskircher, then sergeant, now Brigadier General

AUS Retired.

I am an 85 year old Army veteran, a member of the 45th Infantry Division and was one of the first to enter Dachau on the 29th April 1945. The author has done a tremendous job, detailed and accurate, yet compelling to read. I admire his objectivity and his years of dedicated research. Read it and you will never forget man's inhumanity to man as evidenced by Hitler's Third Reich and exposed in this book.