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See and feel what the GIs lived through as the combat of WWII comes to life before your eyes.

Join the American infantry squad as it advances from Anzio through Italy, France, Belgium and Germany to final victory.

The Day the Thunderbird Cried


  • Why General Patton sent American GIs on a Mission Impossible.
  • The Role of the Mafia in saving thousands of American lives.
  • Who the Ritchie boys were and what they accomplished.
  • How Comanche Indian code-talkers helped the Allied cause in Europe.
  • The Inspector General's report on the Massacre at Dachau.
  • How Hitler was able to brainwash 60 million Germans.
  • Why American GIs were held in a German concentration camp.
  • After 500 days of combat, what made the Thunderbird cry?
  • How Infantry General Felix E. Sparks responded to the Holocaust deniers.

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